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Beautiful Summer Skin

Gorgeous Summer Skin, Salt ScrubsSEANA SEARSComment

With summer just around the corner it’s time to get your beautiful skin gorgeous! Santa Barbara Sage products are handmade in Santa Barbara, California with all natural ingredients and without preservatives or chemicals. Here are some fantastic tips to get you summer ready.

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STEP 1. Exfoliate and hydrate with Santa Barbara Sage Whipped Himalayan Salt Scrub made with silk amino acids to soften and rejuvenate skin tone, and apricot seed oil which is loaded with gamma linoleic acid to firm and tone your skin. Apricot seed oil also contains vitamins A and E which help slow down the aging process and soothe dry skin due to sun exposure and eczema. Himalayan salt contains 84 of the same minerals found in our bodies which help to deeply cleans and balance our skins PH. Our Whipped Himalayan Salt Scrubs come in 6 alluring fragrant essential oil blends and will give you perfectly smooth and noticeably soft skin.

STEP 2. Hydrate with Santa Barbara Sage whipped Avocado Body Butter made with lotus flower extract for ultra nourished and brighter looking skin. Vitamins C, B complex and antioxidants help to control sebum production balancing out oily skin while hydrating and improving elasticity, tone & texture. Avocado butter is rich in oleic acid and fatty acids which lock in moisture and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Our Avocado Body Butters come in 6 alluring fragrant essential oil blends and will leave your skin feeling silky soft with a beautiful all over glow from head to toe.

STEP 3. Enhance and refresh your skin with Santa Barbara Sage Glow Body Mist dry oil spray perfume made with jojoba oil containing vitamins E, and B complex to visibly hydrate and soften skin. Great for after shaving to help reduce razor irritation and the perfect must have for your purse or beach tote to hydrate on the go. Our Glow Body Mists come in 6 alluring essential oil blends that will make you smell amazing and give you a beautiful all over sexy glow enhancing skin tone and texture.